Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is a VCC?

A VCC (Virtual Credit Card) is an online payment card for virtual payments. It is mainly used for safety reasons as these cards have a preset limit and are temporary – you do not have to give away your real credit card details and you don’t have to worry about any additional charges from trials and other websites. If I hacker or another unauthorized third party obtained your card details, but you already used it and spent the balance, they would not be able to steal any funds from you due to the aforementioned reasons.

How can I buy a VCC?

You can do so via our online store. Please do not contact us asking to purchase a virtual credit card, as we do not sell them via email or other forms other than our website, the support agent is not able to issue new cards without approval from management.

How fast will I get my VCC?

Our system relies on your confirmed payment. After we receive at least 1 transaction confirmation, we will complete your order either immediately if stock is present, or, due to rare and unforeseen circumstances, within 3 business days.

Can I buy a virtual credit card for ..?

Yes! Please look at our store first. If a VCC for what you need is not present on our site, please contact us. We only offer premium quality BINs, so we do not expecy any major difficulties for any website.

Do you offer affiliate, cashback, discount programs?

We do not accept any registrations for any programs at this time.

Card Information

How soon do I need to use my card?

For virtual credit cards for trials and verifications, we recommend using our cards as soon as possible. We have a limited amount of card slots available for some of our products, meaning we would have to close older cards to issue new ones. Verification VCCs are intended to be temporary, allowing you to attach the card to your account, verify it and prevent further charges or difficulties in cancelling your trial later on. The warranty and support period for these types of cards is 3 days. No further support or refunds will be provided after that period expires. The expiry month and year written on the VCC is longer than a few days.

For payment cards, loaded VCC with balance, the expiry month and year generally match the ones on the card. If it is not the case, you will be informed about it on the product page.

Are VCCs safe?

Yes! Virtual credit cards that we offer on VCCFor.com are safe. We do not sell stolen or fraudulent cards.

Additionally, the VCC that you buy will be used by you only. We do not resell the same cards multiple times.

Can I buy a $10 card and spend $1000?

No. You can’t spend more money than the card has, even if it is marked as a virtual credit card as we do not allow overdrafts and there are limits in place to prevent this.

If you’d like a loaded VCC with balance on it, you can contact us or browse the available selection in our store. Please note, we will never sell loaded virtual cards for less than their balance.

Refund Policy

We do not offer refunds after you receive your product as it is a digital item that is electronically delivered to you. The only exceptions are: we delivered a defective item* or we have a different refund policy for the item.

Please note that all products on our website are sold as virtual gift cards with balance, we do not guarantee that you will not have issues with your merchant. If they refuse to accept your card, it is a decision from their side (or from their payment processor), you may contact them to resolve the issue, however there is nothing we can do from our side as online payments are already enabled (you can test this by trying to pay to a different merchant).

  • – “Defective item” – there is a error in the card number, security code or expiry date, or the card itself was not activated or is invalid. A merchant choosing to not accept our product does not mean that our product is defective.

Terms and Usage Policy

  • We do not approve the use of our products against the terms of service of other websites and will not issue refunds or any compensation for damages caused in the case your account(s) get suspended, deactivated, locked, or deleted for the use of our products.
  • We may deactivate or lock any cards issued by us in the case we suspect they are being used for fraud or other illegal activities.